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Currently we're covering Black Cards, Patrick Stump, and The Damned Things. And we're probably missing things because three bands/artists are harder to track than one. It's not on purpose. If you notice something we missed, let us know. Things like reviews and anticipated lists can get repetitive and that's why they get skipped unless they mention something new.

Disclaimer: No one in Fall Out Boy is a mod. None of the mods are members of Fall Out Boy. Really. None of us are Pete Wentz. (We now have photographic evidence of this if you do not believe us.)

We are no way affiliated with the bands, the band members, or their labels. This site is not run by any members of the bands. We're just a couple of fans doing the stalking so you don't have to. And because we maybe possibly kind of enjoy them a lot. On 3/24/11 Spencer Peterson was given the keys to the house. We don't know if he will actually use them. He used them once, it could happen again. Pete was very adamant about never seeing the password. "I CAN NEVER SEE THAT!"


1. Be awesome to each other. We've got a pretty good crew here and we generally do not have problems with this. So really, continue being awesome to each other. ♥

2. If you do have a problem with someone, message us on LJ.

3. We are a significant other friendly place. We're not saying you have to like them, just keep the negative comments off of here. We are fond of people who make them happy. I know that's totally weird, but we're a weird bunch. This goes for past and present ladies in their lives.

4. Calling someone a slut/whore/etc is not okay. Ever.

5. Racist, sexist, and/or homophobic comments are not okay. Ever.

6. There's a difference between saying you don't like a song and attacking someone. We have no problem with people not liking the music they're making right now. We do have a problem with you attacking the people making the music.

7. It's not okay to attack someone for stating that they don't like the music the dudes are making right now. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect here.

8. There is no #8. Mod just likes even numbers. Don't make me add a #8.


1. If you have something for us to post, you can leave a comment or LJ message us.

2. Bronx is off limits unless it's something Pete posts. All child present and future are off limits unless posted by their parents.

3. Twitter names and the details of tweets from family/friends/significant others that the band members themselves do not share do not belong here and should not be posted in the comments. This includes vague details or alluding to something that someone said on twitter because people are going to ask who said what.