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FOB - [group 4]

No Doubt, Usher, My Morning Jacket Headlining Global Citizen Earth Day Event

Mary J. Blige, Fall Out Boy and Train also set to perform at Washington, D.C.'s National Mall on April 18th

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference set to begin in Paris later this year, 2015 could mark a pivotal year for environmental policy change. To bring attention to the need for climate change as well as help end extreme poverty, the Global Poverty Project and the Earth Day Network have teamed up for an all-star event called Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day scheduled for April 18th at Washington, D.C.'s National Mall. No Doubt, Usher, My Morning Jacket, Fall Out Boy, Mary J. Blige and Train have been announced as headliners for the free event.

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FOB - [group 4]

We will one day get the bubble bath we were promised

Interview: FALL OUT BOY’s PETE WENTZ on 'American Beauty/American Psycho' + Westfest 2015.

For the past fifteen years, FALL OUT BOY has been producing emotionally charged, metaphor riddled songs that reverberate through both Pete Wentz poster-plastered bedrooms and grown-up homes alike. FOB released their sixth studio album, 'American Beauty/American Psycho', this past month and came in at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. While this album's immense commercial success is heartening to hardcore FOB fans, it's the evolving shifts in narrative and the thoughtful lyricism that keeps fans filling out venues and expressing their intense love via Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and more.

Fall Out Boy are set to take the stage at WESTFEST 2015 next week (you can enter to win tickets here), and meanwhile the guys are busy hanging with friends and performing at Soundwave in Australia. FOB bassist and lyricist PETE WENTZ took some time away from the festival scene to chat with us about the newest album, art direction, and bubble baths...

"This album is more like a modern romance. It’s like the inside of someone’s head. The same person who is saying they think they fell in love again is the same person who is saying, ‘Maybe this is too much cough syrup.' They’re all in the same person’s head, and maybe the beauty and the madness is all in one person..."

COUP DE MAIN: Congrats on the release of ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’! I really, really love it. How does it feel to have a sixth album out? It’s quite a feat!
PETE WENTZ: It’s insane! If you told me fifteen years ago that we would be still doing this now, and we would have a sixth album, that would be insane. I would never have thought that that was even a possible reality.

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