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You Go Pete Coco

The biggest football party of the year is still a few days away, but the fun in Tampa started last night at the NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert.

Rihanna brought down the house in a typical black leather outfit, perhaps a little warm up for next weekend's Grammy performance.

Rebecca Romijn must be excited to see her man Jerry scoring some swag for their twins, though she seems to be managing just fine with her hot post-babies body while he's away.

Pete Wentz rocked out with Fall Out Boy, but also took the opportunity to talk to Extra about the backlash surrounding Jessica Simpson's curves. He said, "I think that the media puts too harsh of a spotlight on women in general and I think it’s a bummer. It’s bad for young women. I see it affecting young girls who come to our shows and that’s a bummer. Real beauty is on the inside, man." Sounds like Pete agrees with his wife — and most of you — on this one.

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