icecreamhdaches (icecreamhdaches) wrote,

Mod Note

Hello ICH,
As you are all aware this blog hasn't been updated in forever and I must apologize for that.
However at this moment I don't think I"ll be updating it again. With work keeping me busy and having very little time to sit down and update ICH on a real computer I have decided to close ICH for the time being.  

However I have created a Tumblr so that I can reblog any new information and videos of the boys. You guys can also submit any things I might be missing and we can have more of a community again.
You can find us at: ICH tumblr

Thank you everyone who has stuck around. I still love this band and am greatful for the years of community and friendship this place has given me and wish I could have done it the justice it deserved,

<3 Llama mod
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April 12 2015, 01:51:27 UTC 2 years ago

Hey, you did what you could. I wish we could get access back to the regular icecreamhdaches Tumblr but this is fine too.
You are all a great bunch of humans. Helpful, knowledgeable, thoughtful, respectful. I'm really glad this place existed. I hope it sticks around indefinitely (if only for preservation, but especially if people decide to start back up!). This is the last place I can return to; everything else has disappeared. We're all getting older, forgetful, maybe more responsible ;). Thanks for trying to keep it up, Llama Mod. You guys did a great job.