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Escape The Fate on working with Patrick

We heard that Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump worked with you guys on the new material.

Mabbitt: He came in and we wrote a song together. It was great.

Ortiz: It may be the biggest hit of our career.

Mabbitt: It's the ballad on the record. I had some lyrics. The working title is called, "Painting." Monte named it. The lyrics were more about his personal relationship with his best friend that passed away. It was really great working with him, because he wasn't this guy who came in going, "This is what I got, I'm the fucking man and I write nothing but hits and here you go, here it is." He's very humble.

Monte: We've always been open to doing co-writes. We did stuff with Josh Todd on this record. We always like trying different things and learning from different people. Sometimes it vibes and sometimes you go in and it's like we're on two different plains here.

Ortiz: We wrote with Mick Mars. We love Mick Mars, but we didn't vibe with him so we didn't do the song.

Mabbitt: We still haven't used that song.

Ortiz: It just wasn't the right blend even though he's our idol. We grew up looking up at that guy, we had a chance to record with him and it just didn't click. Working with Patrick Stump though ... he is incredibly intelligent. I never realized he was that super intelligent. He's lyrically awesome; the way he comes up with a melody is completely out of the box. I've never seen anyone that does it the way he does.

Check out the whole interview here.

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