icecreamhdaches (icecreamhdaches) wrote,


  • @dreamer_sarah I think that's lame. For life #
  • @timchamplin dark tower, Paul Kemp's erevis Cale books, any Michael Moorcock books...especially Elric stuff #


  • @VICE @albz @kurtbraunohler this made me want a hot dog. #
  • Late to this party, but Future Of The Left, pretty cool band. #
  • I can't believe scientists have discovered a cure for diarrhea! #  
  • Louis' allergies have been acting up, so he gets to take Benadryl. He's been a lazy fuck all day because of it. I'm not complaining. #
  • @Darren_Sanders One step ahead of you. I'm taking my own special dosage right now. #
  • @Darren_Sanders as a professional police investigator, I miss you too dude! # 


  • @UnknownNick miss you gov when are you back? #
  • @UnknownNick get ready for the luxurious retreat of the koala penguin hunger games/hungry games at BACON island off the coast of OZ. #
  • I just want someone to take me to the melting pot and then to look at puppies. I'm all yours. #  
  • @_VivaLaGloriaa @_alltimehannah congrats! #
  • @teamFOB thanks that's really sweet. #
  • Me and @drxromanelli scheming 🔥💩! #
  • @GabrielSaporta (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ yaaaaaah! #
  • @travisbarker super jealous! Dr. Teeth! #
  • @atrak on the real OTR and fuck this other shit FTOS should both be Internet acronyms if they aren't already. #
  • @EmilyEQ33 airport LUV I'm bout to fall asleep for twenty minutes! #
  • Too early for a layover with no Cinnabon Florida. # 

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